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Six Minutes to Freedom
'Iran Liberty Walk' Sets 209-Mile Route
April 29, 2005

Article originally posted at: http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=44032

Hundreds, including lawmakers, to promote democratic change


Organizers of the "Iran Liberty Walk" to promote peaceful, democratic change in Tehran announced today the 209-mile route that will take hundreds of Americans, including lawmakers, through towns and cities between Philadelphia and the nation's capital.

The two-week event, led by Jerome Corsi, founder of the Iran Freedom Foundation, will begin May 16 at the Liberty Bell and culminate with a large demonstration on the Capitol Mall.

Corsi, author of the newly released "Atomic Iran," said reports from the walk will be broadcast to Iran via radio, television and the Internet, including live interviews with participants such as Rep. Peter King, R-Iowa.

Along with sending a signal for peaceful change, the IFF is calling for civil disobedience from Iranian citizens.

Corsi and the IFF urge Iranians to flood the streets June 17, the date of the presidential vote, and vote "no" in the "sham elections the mullahs are planning."

Along the way, Corsi plans to talk to Americans at churches, town halls, schools and other civic centers about life in Iran.

With many Iranians able to follow the event through foreign broadcasts, he hopes to provide them with "some background about the real America, not the fiction trumped up by the Islamic Republic's propaganda machine."

Corsi many native Iranians from across the nation will participate.

"The purpose is to show solidarity with the Iranian people, the vast majority of whom -- as many as 90 percent or higher -- want the regime out," he said.

The event will be filmed by Timothy Watkins, producer of the documentary film "In the Face of Evil," which recounts the courage of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and their resolve to stand up to communism.

The planned route is as follows:

STAGE ONE: Philadelphia to Lancaster, Pa. (76 miles)
The walk will follow roughly along Route 30, with stops in and around:
* Philadelphia to Springfield: 9 miles
* Springfield to Ridley Creek State Park: 8 miles
* Ridley Creek State Park to Exton: 14 miles
* Exton to Coatesville (via Downingtown): 13 miles
* Coatesville to Gap: 13 miles
* Gap to Ronks: 9 miles
* Ronks to Lancaster: 10 miles

STAGE TWO: Lancaster, Pa., to York, Pa. (28 miles)
* Lancaster to Columbia: 13 miles
* Columbia to York: 15 miles

STAGE THREE: York, Pa., to Baltimore, Md. (62 miles)
Route 83 and 45
* York to Potosi: 13 miles
* Potosi to New Freedom: 8 miles
* New Freedom to Wiseburg (Gun Powder Falls State Park): 11 miles
* Wiseburg to Cockeysville: 12 miles
* Cockeysville to Woodbrook: 9 miles
* Woodbrook to Baltimore: 9 miles

STAGE FOUR: Baltimore, Md., to Washington, D.C. (43 miles)
* Baltimore to Elkridge: 10 miles
* Elkridge to Laurel: 11 miles
* Laurel to College Park: 10 miles
* College Park to Washington, D.C.: 12 miles
(WND.com Apr 29 via Grace-USA)
Radio Farda
Plans for a "Radio Free Iran" surrogate radio service by U.S. Congress in 1998 developed into Radio Azadi, which hit the airwaves in October of that year with a heavy news and information format under the administration of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The Bush administration rebranded the service as Radio Farda in December 2002, expanded its broadcasts to 24-hours per day, and added music programs and entertainment to attract younger listeners.
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